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A little about me

I started this journey of fine woodworking around 2016. I made various items for my wife that people loved and thought of turning it into a business.
During the day, I'm an engineer at an aerospace company where I 3D print metal parts.  While I love manufacturing, and the challenges that come with that, there's something very natural and beautiful about wood.  The unique textures and patterns seem to have stories all their own.  And the familiar, natural smells of wood always seems to ground me and bring me comfort. 
Wooden Surface_edited.jpg

My Story

What is "Eldur Skegg"

Creating a name was super difficult for me. I tried many but nothing seemed to stick.  Allow me to explain how I landed on Eldur Skegg. 
I've always been an artist; I love story-telling.  As a kid, I would listen intently to my elders, hanging on every word to their stories.  Even though I'd heard them all a million times before I laughed just as hard as the first.  And so later in life I began to write my own stories; trying to recapture that same magic. 
I often wonder,
What is at the core of storytelling that captures that romance for me?  How were stories passed before we had television and internet?  Where is the one place everyone gathers for warmth, food, entertainment?  The hearth! Or fireplace or stove or campfire...
I immediately thought of the times I'd sit on my grandfather's back porch listening to his same old stories.  One of my cousins would say, "Hey Pops, tell us about the time when..." and you could fill in the blank with any old story we'd all heard before.  And that, for me, captures the essence of Eldur Skegg at it's core.  The art of storytelling, of sharing, of family, of tradition. I desire to make pieces that are not only beautiful as well as functional, but are personal representations of something inside my customers.
​As for the actual name:  Considering my Northern European heritage, I decided to use the Old Norse language.  I adopted "Eldur" which means fire.  Fire, for me, represents strength, courage, life, love and passion.  And "Skegg" translates to beard. Beards are often associated with age or wisdom.  And while that's true as I grow, for me, personally, it's a general representation, a symbol or sorts, maybe even a reminder of the man, the husband, the father I endeavor to be.  So, Eldur Skegg became my name and my beacon.  It quite literally translates to Fire Beard.  And for those who know me well "beard on fire" is just as fitting...

I really appreciate you taking the time to hear my story - There are many more to tell.  I hope you will enjoy putting the beauty and warmth of wood back into your life. We could all use a reminder of how important it is to reconnect with nature, putting "simple" first, and remembering the stories of those we love.

-- ver heill ok sæll

Brandon May


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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